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Awaken the Warrior by Coach Pain Academy
About the Program
Awaken The Warrior is a 100 percent fully online remarkable program that guides you into training and lifestyle to push you through a unique experience that not only develops you mentally but physically. This is an ongoing process. Commitment and discipline is a must. Not only will you learn how to start from a base format, but you will slowly start to gain confidence while achieving a particular goal tailor fit you. You will now belong to a growing community that is focused on exponential growth in all areas of life.
Why Join?
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Members employ daily workouts which helps develop mental toughness, emotional control, elite level functional physical and the warrior spirit. You will enjoy simple yet hard hitting movements in an easy to follow structure that will enhance your cardio, stamina, and durability of movement.
Cycle the workout videos into your current training regimen or use them 2-3 times a week as your primary workout
Cycle the workout videos into your current training regimen or use them 2-3 times a week as your primary workout
If you are looking for elite training and programming, Awaken The Warrior Online is your road map. You will train yourself through Awaken The Warrior Online for any challenging goal for any fitness endeavor or an OCR endurance event such as Spartan or GoRuck, or just to enjoy the Awaken The Warrior lifestyle like we do!
Sessions with Coach Pain
Coach Pain’s training is designed to improve your overall strength, dynamic core and also includes cardio conditioning to help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter.
Your results will depend on your effort and consistency, You get what you put into it! If you give 100% to this program, I promise you that you will be amazed with the results.
the Program
  • Monthly Workout Programs – You’ll get the Awaken The Warrior Pure Movement. There’s training for every fitness goal and level.
  • Coach Pain Academy Video Exercise Library – Immediate access to complete demos of over 120 exercises. You’ll see Coach Pain Academy specific exercises and detailed instruction on the baseline Awaken The Warrior exercises that you won’t see anywhere else outside of Coach Pain Academy.
  • 20 unique videos focused on essential aspects of functional fitness
  • Unique programming to test your fortitude and resilience
  • Adaptable Weekly Challenges to keep your workout fresh
  • ​Downloadable access so you can take it anywhere and do it anytime
  • Mobile App access to all your programs
  • ​Facebook Group - support of our group members
  • ​Nutrition Webinars
  • ​Nutrition Guide
  • ​Nutrition Recipes
  • ​Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • ​Daily Motivation
  • ​Bonus Workouts
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Awaken the Warrior By Coach Pain Academy
All the drills and exercises you need to be a better and stronger you. This program will
help you to improve your functional strength, have a stronger core, increased cardio endurance,
and overall have a challenging program to take you out of your comfort zone.
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Awaken The Warrior in you
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