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Why I created the challenge
I created the Pure Movement Challenge because the day I was introduced to Crossfit with a  phone call from my little brother, the future of my life, and thus my health was changed forever.  Some 16 years later I find myself a much leaner, happier, and heck of lot stronger 40 year old  than I was in my mid 20's. I feel like I'm sitting on the fountain of youth and the secret to health  and longevity... and I felt the need to tell as many people about it as possible. Crossfit is the  reason I devoted my life's work to helping people move and feel better, and that's what led me  to create Crossfit Williamsville, and then led on to the Pure Movement Challenge.
Who Are We Looking For?
We want to help 500 people in 2019 get fitter with the Pure  Movement Challenge. We want to teach people the right way to eat and the right way to move to ensure they learn habits that will last them a lifetime!

We created the Pure Movement Challenge to serve two separate but complementary functions. First we wanted a simple yet comprehensive 6-Week Program that could take anyone, at any level of fitness and help improve them.
That means if you are already a runner, and that is your primary way of getting in shape, we can  make you a better runner.  

If you are someone who is paying a monthly membership at a large globo gym, and you hardly  make time to use it because it has become boring, 

we can teach how to move your body  efficiently and effectively and make sure that you are challenged and stimulated so you never get bored.

If you are someone who has never exercised and doesn't believe you are ready for Crossfit, well  then you are the 2nd reason we created this program. 

By the end of the 6 Weeks you will be able to step right into our Crossfit Classes, and feel  comfortable with all of the movements and understand how to do them safely, ithout fear of injuring yourself.
  • 18 Classes to teach you how to move well and reconnect with your inner athlete.
  • Personal Instruction on Meal Planning and simple Dietary Guidelines to follow
  • 42 Done-For-You Recipes to follow for the 6 weeks so you never have to ask yourself
  • "What am I going to make tonight?"
  •  Personal Accountability coach so it feels like you have a motivational speaker waking
  • you up every morning to get your behind in the gym
  •  3 Cutting Edge Workouts PER WEEK At Crossfit Williamsville
  •  World Class Online Support Group with 24hr accountability
Since starting my journey at CrossFit Williamsville on December 3rd, 2012 - you could say that my body has gone through drastic changes. I started out my journey uncoordinated and awkward, unable to even crawl the length of the box without pain from scoliosis along my spine. I had never been an athlete. I had never even been inside a globo gym. I had absolutely no idea what it meant to be fit. 

-Amy Velez‎

We Believe In Having The Results Speak For Themselves
We Believe In Having The Results Speak For Themselves
Crossfit Williamsville Pure Movement
Of course I'm eating a bag of chips in my "before" photo. Gross. I've been up and down since then but I'm obviously happy with where I've landed. Endless amounts of "thank yous" to Robert and the rest of the crew! Excited for what lies ahead and tapping into whatever potential is hidden within me.

-Tera Stodolka
This was a few years before my CrossFit journey but the size was about the same. I don't know the words to express how my life has changed with the coaching and pushing of Robert Vest II. Not only do you get your life back, you gain a community of people who become your family.
- Erin Kristin
The physical changes I’ve undergone from CrossFit have been great. I’m stronger, fitter, and yes — slimmer. But that pales in comparison to the mental and emotional growth I’ve experienced.

-Sarah Fiegel‎
It wasn't ever an ambition of mine to become fit let alone healthy. I was fortunate to not have any major health issues despite a family history of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.. But, here I stand, reborn from the ashes a much-improved version of my former self and I still maintain that if it wasn't for each an every one of you encouraging and lifting me up along the way, I'd have quit a long time ago. 

- Dan Schneider
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